JETWIN Casino is a new online casino that has just launched.

JETWIN Casino Rating and Recommendation

JETWIN is an online sportsbook and casino that first opened its doors in 2013 and is owned by Bit Entertainment SA, which is situated in the United Kingdom.

JETWIN Casino is a bit of an oddball in the world of online casinos. Their bitcoin casino is one of a slew of bitcoin gambling establishments that can be discovered on the internet. In spite of the fact that it accepts one of the more “techy” kinds of cash, the site has a rather “low-tech” feel about it. In addition to a sports betting, JETWIN also provides live dealer games and slot machines.

Due to the fact that JETWIN is a bitcoin site, they allow players from all over the globe, even the grey markets such as the United States and the more tightly controlled EU nations where online casinos are effectively prohibited.

JETWIN is similar to the majority of bitcoin casinos in that it is unregulated and unregistered. The casino’s website does have SSL encryption, but there is no information accessible about the casino’s Random Number Generator audit or the proportion of money returned to players (RTP).

One of the distinguishing characteristics of bitcoin sites is their concern for players’ privacy, which may occasionally border on the paranoid. Despite the fact that JETWIN does not go to such lengths, they do enable users to create two accounts: an anonymous account and a normal account that may be utilized to receive extra funds. JETWIN can only be accessed on the internet; there are no mobile apps or customer assistance available.

JETWIN offers a variety of software and games.

JETWIN is organized into three distinct categories: sportsbook, live casino, and virtual casino. Sportsbook is the most popular of the three sectors. The sportsbook is an interesting addition to the casino, and it provides players with the opportunity to try something new. JETWIN is mainly a sportsbook for recreational purposes. The website is powered by the same software that was previously used to power the GetWin online sportsbook.

GetWin was an online sportsbook that was widely criticized and discredited. Although not affiliated with or related to GetWin, JETWIN merely acquired the software when GetWin went out of business. Many players consider the software to be one of the finest available in the online sportsbook industry.

The number of sports that are covered is enormous. Even though live game betting has not yet been made accessible via multiple bitcoin discussion groups, officials have said on these forums that it would be available “shortly.” The sole flaw in the sportsbook’s operation is the odds that are presented to bettors. When it comes to seasoned and professional sports bettors, the sportsbook is classified as “recreational,” which means that the “juice” (house percentage) is rather large.

The site states that arbitrage bettors and those that chase steam will be barred from participating. There have been a few reports of people having difficulties receiving their prizes from the sportsbook. However, it should be emphasized that all sportsbooks have the legal right to defend themselves against sharps who are causing them to go out of business, thus it is essential to assess the merits (if any) of each complaint on its own merits.

The Live Dealer games are quite entertaining. With live dealer games such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, as well as Holdems, JETWIN’s version of casino hold’em, players can enjoy a variety of options. The games are available with a variety of betting levels and are played at a tempo that is just slightly slower than that of traditional brick and mortar casinos.

For those who prefer traditional casino games without the live dealer feature, the standard Casino Games area has a variety of options. JETWIN had previously provided virtual slots, but it does not seem to be part of their continuing strategy at the time of writing, as the game tab produces a notice stating that the site is “down for maintenance.” Whenever just Endorphina-developed slot machines have been made available for play. There is no mention of slot games on the website’s homepage or blog, thus it seems that slot games are not the major feature on the site.

Bonuses and promotions for sportsbook and casino players are available on this page.

Although JETWIN does not follow the current trend of delivering jaw-dropping incentives, there are a few promotions that may pique your attention nevertheless. There is no deposit necessary for those who bet on sports and may earn €35 in free bets. When new players sign up for an account and make their first deposit, they will be eligible for a 100 percent deposit bonus worth up to €150. In order to be eligible for the bonus, you must make a deposit of at least €45.

Customer Service is a mixed bag of emotions.

JETWIN provides both positive and negative customer service in the field of customer assistance. They fall into the “good” category since they provide help through email ( and have a reputation for responding quickly (within 3 hours). They also provide live telephone support so that you may get help right away.

The FAQ pages and other information sections on JETWIN’s website are quite comprehensive and simple to navigate.

The only drawback is that there is no live chat option, which is a pity considering that this is a standard feature at most online casinos these days.

Alternatives for Using Bitcoin for Banking

All banking transactions are conducted using bitcoin and one of the several bitcoin wallets that are currently accessible. When registering, players have the option of selecting their “home” currency, and all bets will be shown in that currency. For individuals who are unfamiliar with bitcoin, the FAQ provides some basic information on how to purchase and utilize bitcoins. Even if a player has a “anonymous” account, JETWIN reserves the right to request identification when a withdrawal is requested.

Because of the high level of security, players may feel confident placing their bets here; yet, some high rollers may get annoyed with the constant identification checks.

JETWIN delivers a mixed bag of positive and negative outcomes.

There are some nice aspects to JETWIN, but there are also some unfavorable aspects. There is a fun holdem option that is only available on this site, and the sportsbook software is among the finest in the business. The live dealer games are also pretty nice, with a fun holdem option that is just available on this site. In addition, the site supports tiny micro-stakes bets in a number of locations, making it an excellent choice for less experienced gamers and those seeking low rolling games. Because it is a bitcoin site, players from the United States and other countries that are generally barred from participating in online casinos may participate and place sports bets, which is a significant advantage for international gamers.

It is especially beneficial for recreational sports bettors, who generally wager on a few games each week and who wager largely for “fun” rather than as a source of revenue. The customer service on the site is often regarded as excellent, and the site’s security has earned a positive reputation.

The most significant disadvantage is in the unregulated bitcoin market, which many people find incomprehensible. Furthermore, the value of bitcoin fluctuates from day to day, despite the fact that it has been pretty constant over the previous several months. (A bitcoin (1BTC) is presently worth around $705 dollars.)

Overall, this is an intriguing alternative for gamers wanting for something new, and for those searching for a Bitcoin casino and sportsbook, JETWIN is a fantastic option that provides flexible betting options and a variety of games.

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