Ghostwriting discretion


Ghostwriting Discretion: Of course, your job – in my capacity as ghostwriter or coach – will be dealt with discretely by me. Also inquiries are strictly confidential. Your data will not be shared with third parties. We have also committed ourselves in our terms and conditions. Even in the event that you wish the cooperation of one of my cooperation partners as a ghostwriter, coach, author or consultant, this will treat all your data absolutely confidential. Of course you can also remain anonymous to the ghostwriter, author, coach or consultant. The contact can also be done indirectly via me.

Ghostwriting Discretion: Anonymity is possible

Ghostwriting discretion also includes the possibility of complete anonymity. As a customer, you can remain anonymous throughout the order process. For example, you can create a separate email account and communicate with us about it. You are also welcome to choose a pseudonym for communication with us. We accept your wish to remain anonymous without restriction. After the order has been completed, the texts created for you will be deleted in our database. At your request, we also remove your personal data and information from our database.

Ghostwriting Discretion in publications

Of course, if you want to publish the one created for you by Ghostwriting Liesegang under your own name, this is of course possible. Ghostwriting Liesegang always remains discreet with regard to participation in your ghostwriting projects. You can use the manuscripts, reports and designs you have created as you like, as if you had created your own texts. Ghostwriting Liesegang as well as our cooperation partners transfer all rights to use the texts temporally and spatially unlimited to you as client.

(Please note our terms and conditions: Texts in the style of work for universities are an exception.They may not be submitted as an independent service for examination-relevant purposes, but rather as a template for your orientation and suggestions the discretion.)